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Condition Assessment and Engineer's Reports

K.ENG LLC provides condition assessment reports regarding residential and commercial properties.  A condition assessment involves a visit to the property to observe existing framing, foundations, and walls for code compliancy issues and defects affecting the structural integrity and stability as well as looking for building maintenance issues.  A follow-up written report highlighting areas of concern with photos and repair recommendations is provided.  

K.ENG LLC also provides Engineer's Reports to satisfy a building owner's reporting requirements for water tanks and supporting structures, fire escapes, exposed metal structures such as walkways, hanging balconies, canopies, signs, etc., replaced or new rooftop mechanical equipment, and facades.  Critical examinations can also be provided for buildings under 80ft tall which will require coordination with a mason separately engaged by the client. 

K.ENG LLC uses when necessary, non-destructive investigation tools such as moisture meters, infrared cameras, digital borescopes, etc. to help complete the above reports.

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