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Structural Repair

K.ENG LLC has provided design, detailing and consulting services for repair and rehabilitation projects including:

  • Bowing exterior and foundation walls of various buildings

  • Concrete block and brick masonry walls of various buildings

  • Concrete column and beam repair at parking garages and exterior walls of various buildings

  • Concrete slab repair at parking garages along with decks, walkways, and balconies of various buildings

  • Exposed steel stair systems of various buildings

  • Fire or water damaged wood framed floor systems, dimensional and heavy timber, at commercial and residential buildings

  • Precast hollow core plank walkways and balconies of residential buildings

  • Repair of deformed or partially collapsed wood bowstring roof trusses

  • Repair of rotted heavy timber columns in various buildings

  • Repair of bowed wood framed roofs of various buidlings

  • Structural steel at canopies, porches, walkways, balconies, and within masonry walls at various buildings

concrete repair sections
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