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Welcome to K.ENG LLC

K.ENG LLC is an Illinois registered structural engineering consulting firm that was started in the fall of 2003 by Ken Karston, S.E. P.E.  The West Loop of Chicago is where K.ENG LLC calls home and is where outstanding structural engineering services continues to be provided.  


Ken is licensed to practice structural engineering in Illinois and in the following states:  Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Tennessee, Texas, Wisconsin, and Virginia.  


Cost competitive work with exceptional expertise, experience, and service are the qualities of K.ENG LLC.

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Available Services

At K.ENG LLC, a wide range of structural consulting services are offered to meet the needs of the clients.

K.ENG Services

Structural Design & Detailing

K.ENG LLC works on a wide variety of new construction, renovation, and addition projects involving commercial, institutional, and residential clients.  K.ENG LLC serves private owners, architects, contractors, and other entities and has been doing so for 20 years. Construction administration and bidding services are  provided. 

Condition Assessments & Engineer's Reports

K.ENG LLC visits properties to complete observations of existing conditions concerning framing, foundations, and walls producing condition assessment reports.  K.ENG LLC  creates Engineer's Reports which are sometimes required by local building departments to address specified structures or framing conditions.

Specialty Projects

Temporary construction shoring, earth retention, temporary structures, non-building structures, structural steel connection design, stairs and railings, and wood bowstring trusses are some specialty areas that K.ENG LLC provides structural engineering services for.

Structural Peer Review

K.ENG LLC can provide structural peer review services in accordance with the City of Chicago's Department of Building's program requirements.

Structural Repairs of Structural Steel, Concrete,  Masonry, and Wood

K.ENG LLC provides drawings and details addressing repairs of concrete and masonry walls, concrete, wood, and steel framing, and foundations involving a variety of building and facade types and conditions.

Expert Witness

Ken Karston S.E. P.E. has acted as an expert witness providing reports and testimony in a variety of cases including bowstring and wood truss failure, stairs and railings, roof and wall collapse, construction defects, and improperly designed structures.

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